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DFP primarily operates in the automotive space, to produce video content to support marketing, media and brand campaigns.

We have a team of experienced videographers and drivers available to ensure your production result is first rate. Our team operate with a mature approach to ensure your vehicle assets are treated with care and respect. Insurance coverage is available upon request.

Complex car-to-car, drone and interior shots are our speciality, as are full-featured media b-roll asset packages to provide you with premium quality footage to support your next vehicle or range launch.

Nissan Navara ST BLACK 00032.jpg


Compact storytelling that captures a user’s eye enough to trigger a ‘like’ or other social media interaction is a challenging aspect of modern marketing.

We are able to produce library assets of edited content or cinemagraph animations to help your social channels perform to their best ability. Slow news day? We can make content to have you covered.

From website video banners to ‘boomerang’ animations of a powered tailgate, we can shoot, edit and supply all material in any format to support your marketing or agency resources.



A birds-eye view of new infrastructure development or just some inspirational words from the CEO can help your business communicate more effectively both internally and to customers.

DFP can plan and produce a wide range of video material to keep senior management in touch with their staff, from updates on new products and campaigns, to training and support for your dealers.

We can attend your launch program to ensure each media outlet has the opportunity to create their own unique content, delivering bespoke pieces-to-camera, in-car and photography straight to their editors and production staff for maximum coverage.




We can shoot, edit and supply a broad range of content to support your vehicle launch package for media use.

Our goal is to know your product as well as you do, to ensure your product looks its absolute best. Our experience working at major media outlets gives us a unique understanding of how the images will be used, and will shoot to support all facets of online and print publication.

Our team take great care to ensure images are correctly lit and edited, retouched to make your product look its absolute best, and supplied to suit your timeframes and media distribution.

Infiniti QX80 Media Wall.jpg


Where higher resolution images for billboard or large-scale print use are required, we can manage locations and quality to ensure a perfect result.

Our team has extensive experience in managing actors and talent for image use, and can provide clear rights- managed use documentation and clearance.

We use unique and stunning locations to make your shoot stand out from the rest.

HyundaiTucsonAccessoriesJune202000003 (1


Sometimes it’s less about the product, and more about how it’s used.

DFP have dealt with all manner of technology, props, pets and children to support the perfect lifestyle imagery for use in media, advertising and social media channels.

We can work with your branding teams or agency to plan and prepare the shoot to support a longer-term rollout of content to promote your campaign.


2018 SsangYong Launch Marysville 00041.j

Media launches

Along with providing pre-event video package content, we can attend media launch events to shoot and supply specific material that is tailored to the publications and presenters on location.

We can manage everything from single and multi camera and audio recording for media stand-ups, to remote mounted action cameras to support vehicle or other mobility activity.

Our team can include an on-site producer and even a presenter, to assist media representatives and ensure your product is communicated and represented for the best possible outcome.


Broad coverage

From bump-in to bump-out, we can plan, shoot and prepare media packages to highlight both the running and behind-the-scenes aspects of your event.

DFP can work with your team throughout all stages of your event planning process to ensure we capture everything you need.

Anything you can think of, we will find a solution.


Anywhere in the world

Our team has experience in operating in remote areas or at large scale events both domestically and internationally.

If you need a videographer or photographer to shoot and edit on site, for near immediate coverage of an international event or conference, we can travel with the right equipment to support your content requirements.

Nobody can deliver assets as quickly as DFP.

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