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Digital Fuel Productions (DFP) was founded by Mitchell Oke in 2017.

Mitchell has been a media production professional for the past ten years, and has worked with many experienced Directors, Producers and DOPs before branching out on his own.

With a Bachelor of Creative Technology specialising in Digital Television Production, his experience has seen him work for some of the preeminent publishers and production houses, including News Limited’s Carsguide and

Based out of Melbourne, Victoria, Mitchell and his team are ready to make your project happen anywhere in world.



Mitchell and the team at DFP are able to join a project at any point.


Ideally, if engaged from inception we can assist you with all facets of production planning.

Script writing, story boarding and integrating ideas and production tasks within your existing team is a speciality. We pride ourselves on our unmatched flexibility to achieve the best possible result for your project regardless of when we are engaged.

To make the most of your investment, we can repurpose the captured assets for staff and dealer training, social media engagement and much more.



From a quick presentation by the CEO to share with internal staff or on social media, to a multi-day shoot for a TV commercial, the DFP team are able to scale in both staff and equipment to suit your requirements.

We own and operate a wide range of the latest equipment, including cinema-grade video cameras, stabilised automotive mounting rigs and 4K-capable drones, so that your production can be managed and completed with fast turnaround times within the required budget.

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